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Utility Model Patent Certificate

Products include: fire breathing apparatus, fire fighting equipment, fire testing equipment, hardware tools, energy saving and environmental protection products, handicrafts and other products professional production and processing

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Utility Model Patent Certificate


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Common fire fighting equipment includes fire extinguisher, fire hydrant, fire axe, fire alarm bell, fire filter breathing apparatus, fire hose, fire detector, etc. Fire fighting equipment refers to the equipment used for fire fighting, fire prevention and fire accidents. The fire extinguishing methods are isolation fire extinguishing method, cooling fire extinguishing method and suffocation fire extinguishing method. Fire extinguishing apparatus includes heptafluoropropane fire extinguishing device, carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, 1211 fire extinguisher, dry powder fire extinguisher, acid reducing foam fire extinguisher, carbon tetrachloride fire extinguisher, fire extinguisher hanger, mechanical foam fire extinguisher, water type fire extinguisher, other fire extinguishing apparatus, etc.

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