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Products include: specializing in the production of "Terps" brand Luo batch, pliers, wrenches, sleeves, combination tools and other high-quality hand tools, while acting as domestic and foreign famous hand tools, instruments and meters

Item No. ArtNo. Specifications Sizemm quantity per carton (PCs) Qty./casepcs gross weight/net weight G.w/N.kg carton size Cartonsizecm full length LengthmmHL33016 * 8(1/4 "* 5/16")70025/2434*30*14113HL330210*11(3/8 "* 7/16")45033*28*15132HL330312*14(1/2 "* 9/16")28031*21*17150HL330416*17(5/8 "* 11/16")20023/2224*19*22173HL330518*19(23/32 "* 3/4")15024/2327*23*22195HL330622*24(15/16 "* 1")10025/2430*25*25225

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Hardware tools, including all kinds of manual, electric, pneumatic, cutting tools, auto tools, agricultural tools, lifting tools, measuring tools, tool machinery, cutting tools, fixtures, cutting tools, molds, cutting tools, grinding wheels, drill bits, polishing machines, etc.

Hardware tools, according to the use of products, can be divided into: tool hardware, building hardware, daily hardware, locks, grinding tools, kitchen hardware, home hardware and hardware parts and other categories.

Most of the power tools sold in the world are produced and exported from China, and China has become the world's major power tool supplier.

Picture Name
Item No.
Art No.
Size mm
Quantity per box (pieces)
Qty./case pcs
Gross weight/net weight
Carton Size
Carton size cm
Full length
Length mm
HL3301 6*8(1/4"*5/16") 700 25/24 34*30*14 113
HL3302 10*11(3/8"*7/16") 450 33*28*15 132
HL3303 12*14(1/2"*9/16") 280 31*21*17 150
HL3304 16*17(5/8"*11/16") 200 23/22 24*19*22 173
HL3305 18*19(23/32"*3/4") 150 24/23 27*23*22 195
HL3306 22*24(15/16"*1") 100 25/24 30*25*25 225

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