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How to use handheld fire extinguisher?

We usually see fire extinguishers in many places, so how should we use them?Hand-held fire extinguisher.


UseHand-held fire extinguisherIt should be taken to the fire. Put down the fire extinguisher at about 5 meters from the burning place, pull out the safety pin first, hold the opening handle with one hand, and then hold the nozzle at the front end of the spray hose with the other hand. If the fire extinguisher does not have a spray hose, hold the opening handle with one hand and the bottom ring at the bottom of the fire extinguisher with the other hand. First, aim the nozzle at the burning place, firmly hold the opening pressure handle, and spray. If there is a continuous flow of combustion, the user needs to aim at the root of the flame from near to far and from left to right, and quickly push forward until the flame is completely extinguished. If the combustible liquid burns in the container, it should be aimed at the flame to shake left and right. When the flame is driven out of the container, the jet will follow the flame until the flame is completely extinguished. However, it should be noted that the jet cannot be directly sprayed on the combustion liquid surface to prevent the impulse of the fire extinguishing agent from flushing the combustible liquid out of the container and expanding the fire, causing difficulties in extinguishing the fire.

Hand-held fire extinguishers are relatively simple to use, easy to carry, no poison and no corrosion, and are good fire fighting tools. Therefore, it is also important to learn to use hand-held fire extinguishers. Can avoid the occurrence of disasters, but also reduce the loss.

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Dry powder fire extinguisher manufacturers introduce the types of fire extinguishers

That the current fire extinguisher products on the market are portable dry powder fire extinguishers, ultra-fine dry powder fire extinguishers, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers, foam fire extinguishers, etc., so, we understand their characteristics!

Car fire extinguishers are mostly dry powder fire extinguishers

A good way to prevent car fires is to install automatic fire extinguishers. But considering the economic, technical and other factors, in a short period of time can not be widely used in private car automatic fire extinguishing device. At present, most fire extinguishers are portable fire extinguishers used for automobile fire protection. Vehicle fire extinguishers are mostly dry powder fire extinguishers. The principle is to use liquid carbon dioxide or nitrogen as the power to spray dry powder extinguishing agent to achieve the purpose of fire extinguishing.

Precautions for the use of dry powder fire extinguisher

1. When using a portable dry powder fire extinguisher, one is to pull up the pull ring and the other is to press the handle. What we are using now is the push-down handle type. When the pressure is pressed down, the dry powder will be sprayed out. But it should be noted that the safety pin needs to be pulled out first, otherwise it will not spray dry powder.

Brief Introduction of Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher

Dry powder fire extinguisher is an important fire extinguishing tool. Whether in public buildings, companies or families, some dry powder fire extinguishers will be equipped for emergency use. However, the currently used dry powder fire extinguishers have some shortcomings. First, the structure is complex, not only the cost is high, but also the maintenance and use are inconvenient. Second, the switching speed is slow, which affects the fire extinguishing effect. Third, the valve cover is made of iron or copper, which is not easy to rust and the cost is too high. High and inconvenient to use.

Dry powder fire extinguisher maintenance process

Many users in the dry powder fire extinguisher to repair, or dry powder fire extinguisher after the use of maintenance will have questions, maintenance units in the end repair!

What types of fires are dry powder fire extinguishers suitable

Many units or individual families will be equipped with dry powder fire extinguishers, but according to statistics, 80% of people do not know the scope of application of dry powder fire extinguishers and which types of fires can be extinguished. There are also reports that due to the improper use of fire extinguishers, the fire has increased and the loss has been miserable. There will also be corresponding instructions on the cylinder label of normal dry powder fire extinguishers, but there are still many friends who do not look carefully or do not look carefully, which brings potential dangers to the fire fighting work.

Automatic fire extinguisher manufacturers introduce how long is the validity period of dry powder fire extinguisher?

Fire extinguishers are very common in daily life. Why do you say this? Basically, fire extinguishers are seen in communities, shopping malls, and cinemas, but we usually don't pay attention to the effectiveness of fire extinguishers. Some fire extinguisher pits have not been used., Some have not been replaced for a long time, so it is very dangerous. Once a fire occurs, these expired fire extinguishers cannot achieve a good fire extinguishing effect, inevitably cause personal and property losses, so it is necessary to understand the validity period of the fire extinguisher, then, let's learn about it with the automatic fire extinguisher manufacturer!

Automatic fire extinguisher manufacturers introduce fire extinguisher authenticity identification

Do you know how to distinguish fire extinguishers? I believe many friends are not very understanding of this, then let the automatic fire extinguisher manufacturers simple to introduce to you, let's learn about it!